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Great time in Lleida!

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Hi everybody! After these days we can only say that thanks for sharing this project. We have been very happy to receive you in our school. We hope you’ve had a good time 🙂 The challenge with our students was a success!! It was very nice to practice the different languages. The meettings were very productive and intensive. It is interesting to see all the work that is done, the new ideas and how the project progresses. Good job! Here’s a collection of photos about these days and the activities…read more

Who has come to school today?

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This is the challenge that the primary school class with shared education has been proposed to achieve. Our challenge is to know and recognize all the people, who are in the school and in which place they are located. The aim is, that both children and adults know each other and later record who has been coming to school. The first step is knowing all the classmates. Every morning, during the welcome morning, we greet each other by shaking our hands and saying: “Good morning” and the companion’s name.

We are in the funfair!!!

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The students of primary school have started working on the Challenge project.  A few weeks ago it was the local festival in Lleida, our city. We like the funfair, so we decided to work on it because we want to win all the teddies the next time. We are creating a series of challenges that we encounter whenever we go with our families to the funfair. All of them are designed with recycled materials.

Pokemon Hunters

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Hello everybody!  How was the holidays? We have returned with great enthusiasm to work. We are working on the Challenge Project now and the secundary class has started hunting Pokemons. They said… Our challenge are very cool. We’re pokemon hunters. We try to find here around the school a lot of pokemons with pokemon go game. We’re trying to request a Pokeparade near the school.

Summer time!

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This week has been the last of our school year. During the whole week we have been doing different activities and yesterday we did the farewell until September. With all this, we have also finished the flight project and we can only say that we have had a great time and we have learnt a lot from the experiences. Now, we will enjoy the holidays and we will use them to take new ideas for the next project … the challenges! From Escola Plançó we want to wish you a…read more

Flying or falling?

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In the primary class, we continue with the kite’s flight.Today, taking advantage of the wind … we have gone outside the school to fly a great kite or at least we tried it! We have experienced the difference between flying and falling and the sensations that we perceive when it flies (we were very happy) and when the kite fell (we were not that much). We had so fun!! Maybe we’ll repeat it again…! Look at the photos and check yourselves!