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Great time in Lleida!

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Hi everybody! After these days we can only say that thanks for sharing this project. We have been very happy to receive you in our school. We hope you’ve had a good time 🙂 The challenge with our students was a success!! It was very nice to practice the different languages. The meettings were very productive and intensive. It is interesting to see all the work that is done, the new ideas and how the project progresses. Good job! Here’s a collection of photos about these days and the activities…read more

What a wonderful week

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Hello Everybody, I want to say thank you to Conxi, Mireia, Marina and all the other people in the school fo Lleida who were our hosts this week and made me feel so welcomed. And I want to say thank you to the whole group. It was a great pleasure to work together, to listen to your presentations and to develop our project. And of course it was wonderful to spend time with all of you and feel how friendship grows up. Greetings to all of us who have stayed…read more


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In our project – first and second class – we made a journey to the dinosaurs, the biggest animals ever.  Arrived in the dinosaur time, we watched a movie about the behaviour and live of these exciting animals. Afterwards we designed a dinosaur landscape in a shoebox and got to know some species better.  

A journey to the ancient Greece

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In our project we made a journey to the ancient Greece with its famous buildings, stories, gods and goddesses just like “Zeus” or “Athene”.   Arrived in the ancient time, we created mosaics. The pupils had the possibility to choose whether they wanted to create a turtle, an owl or different kind of amphoras.   Later we talked about the famous gods and goddesses of the Olympus and other characters of the Greek mythology. The pupils listened to stories about Zeus, Athene, Hades and Medusa. Then they made some own figures of…read more

A look into the Middle Ages

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In our project week we traveled to the time of the Middle Ages. Firstly, we located the Middle Ages on a timeline. The knights were fascinating us in particular since we learned something about their training and the everyday life of a knight. Moreover, we watched a short movie about the process of building a castle and also what living in a castle during this era meant. Afterwards we built a castle made out of cardboard. Finally, the project days ended with a tasty knight’s meal.

It’s my time

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For most people leisure is the most joyful time of their life because they are allowed to decide on themselves how to spend this time. But for autistic children leisure seems to be a very exhausting time because it demands abilities they often didn`t develop yet. The result is that many of our pupils spend their leisure time in school with always the same activity or just doing nothing. The project work in the Rocket Class on the theme “Time” is about improving the quality of leisure time for our…read more

Stone Age

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During our project week titeled „time“ we traveled back in time to stone age. Most pupils had a hard time imagining how long the stone age lasted in the history of human life. Using the visual tool of a long rope with special marks representing various stages through human history helped them to get a better idea. The children the learned about the various parts of the stone age. Together we created a poster for each of the three stone age periods. Showcased were the changes in human development, housing…read more