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The timeline age

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The primary school class with shared schooling has worked the time line of the ages. We have continued working through the conceptual map by asking the same question that the teachers did: What does it mean time? Different ideas emerged: prehistoric times, present-past-future, when we were babies … Among all the students we decided to work the timeline ages and we classify it into five sections: babies, children, adolescents, adults and old people. We made a brainstrom from each of the sections. Then we asked families to take pictures of families…read more

How do we measure our activities?

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In high school class with occupational skills, we have tried to measure our activities from clocks made by ourselves made from recycled materials. To relate it to the theme of the Elements, we have continued working through water and created a water clock that helped us to measure time in another way. It has been very interesting to know different ways to measure our activities.

The time

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In the elementary school we have created a mural with different activities, answering two questions: – How do we measure time? We have produced an analog clock, to work specific hours, two sand clocks of 20 seconds and 40 seconds that when we turn them we hope that the sand falls and then we play the bell, and we have made a calendar on the computer where we set the day in which we are and at the same time we treat the past. – How does the time pass?…read more

Time stories

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To learn about Time, we learned about Kings and Queens of other times, Portugueses traditions and habits from long time ago. Stories and history of the Portuguese people and the world discoveries. With the time stories, students in different classes and different school levels explored the time through the several methodologies and improved their learning.

Time, Tarm School

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In February we have worked on the theme time in 6th grade German classes. The goal was to learn how to tell and say time in German and to read both digital and analog watches. We have practiced to tell time by playing different games both on the computer and irl. The children have learned and performed a song about a little witch who tells the time by what she is doing during the day. In each class we have made our own paper watches and practiced to tell time…read more

Dinosaurs Experts

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During the topic “Time” the Dragon class (first year) has worked on a big dinosaurs project and pupils became real dinosaurs experts. Teachers decorated the whole classroom with big photos of dinosaurs. They brought books and toys  about the topic, which were available for the pupils all time. It was very exciting to put “dinosaur eggs” into water and wait for their hatching. In arts we glued dinosaurs onto landscapes and got an impression of the archaic world long long ago. We also crafted dinosaurs out of paper plates and…read more

How was the school 100 years ago?

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The students of the astronaut class worked in the science course on the topic: “How was the school 100 years ago?“. At the beginning of the course we studied old timetables from 100 years ago and compared them with ours. Furthermore we compared the school rules of that time with our school rules and found a lot of differences. We had a lot of fun doing the practical exercises with pen and ink. We have learned how to write on slate writing boards with slate pencils. We have also tried…read more

Salvador Dali – The dissolute time

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In art lessons, the students of the tiger class created a 3D image from a shoebox on the theme “The dissolute time” by Salvador Dali. First of all, the artist and his picture were introduced. Thereafter, the students together thought about how you could transform the image into a 3D image. A white shoebox, water color, a small piece of wood, paper and polymer clay were used for the implementation. First, the cardboard was painted, then a piece of paper glued into the box and finally kneaded the watches from…read more