Creative Learning in Action

Creative Learning is going on

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Something dramatic happened to Dragon Class. A teacher got kidnapped by pirates. The pupils had to solve a lot of challenges to get her back. They listened to pirate stories to learn about their live circumstances. They created telescopes to find them. And then… they got letters from Captain Jack who wanted them to do a lot of very difficult things: they had to build ships, which won’t sink, they had to design pearl chains, they had to knead pirate figures, they had to run as fast as they could,…read more

Creative teachers make creative pupils

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After the creative staff meeting in June pupils and teachers of the Heinrich-Böll-Schule now worked all together on their new school rules for a whole week. All over the school you could see creative pupils playing and exploring, painting and designing, acting and singing, cooking and serving, cleaning and clearing. In this way they internalized the new school rules very intensively. Pupils and teachers have had a lot of fun and we could experience the basic assertion of the project with the whole community: Creative teachers make creative pupils. The…read more

Creative Learning for the staff

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After developing some ideas in our School-Erasmus-group how to do creative planning activities we tried the adventure to do a creative planning meeting with the whole staff. This was inspired by the “big plan” of the Dales we heard about during our last meeting in Denmark. The theme of this meeting touched further work after the end of the current project. During this school year we gave ourselves new school rules. They are very basic but also comprehensive. We decided to do a project week with our pupils in September…read more

ErasmusPlus at the school festival

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We took the opportunity to introduce our Erasmus-Plus project to a major publicity at our school festival on 4th of May 2019. Representatives of the school authority and local politicians used the day to visit our school and get informed about our work. During this festival we organised an ErasmusPlus-presentation which was devided into three parts.In the corridor we presented the structure and the development of the whole project with photos and posters. We designed a room with pupils work of the last theme we have worked on: “Weather”. Parents,…read more

Some time ago

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It is already some time ago (December 2018), when the teachers of the Erasmus-group of our school met for their very first creative staff meeting. We took the good example of the Dales School and tried out if staff meetings like this could fit to our school, too. The topic was “Weather” but we it didn’t deal with lesson preparation but with fun and creativity all around the theme. Groups of 3 or 4 teachers got the task to create a performance of one aspect of weather. They should do…read more

The Big Hook

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Hi everyone!  We held our ‘big planning meeting’ for the theme of ‘Challenge’ before Christmas.  Each staff team had a ‘table top challenge’ to complete then give feedback  – information is below along with photographs from the evening – great fun was had by all.  Teachers have been busy planning the challenges for their pupils, to begin after the Christmas holidays, in January.  We will provide examples of planning and challenging activities later on in the New Year.  We hope you all had a restful Christmas!

Heinrich-Böll-Schule tries new ways of planning

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Our project group came together for planning our new theme in September. For trying out new planning ideas we took some time to find some free associations about “time”. Therefore we listened to calm music and let our thoughts and ideas flow while walking around and reading different time-headlines (click on the image below to read them, too 🙂 ). We wrote down our thoughts without thinking about limitation of reality. In the next step we talked to our colleagues about our interests. What can we imagine to realise in…read more