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Jetting off!

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Hello from everyone in England. It is two days until we break up for the half term holidays. We are looking forward to a week off before we start fresh in June with our topic of ‘Weather’! Our big planning meeting was very exciting with staff teams flying off to different destinations where their children will compare and contrast the weather in England with India, South America, Kenya, and Antarctica. Tracy and I were the in-flight attendees and our Head Teacher, Hugh, was the perfect captain!! Please take your boarding…read more

Weather project – Our activities

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Here we post some of the activities that we have been doing for the Weather project. We had worked either all the school or in individual classes. The following that you are finding are the main objectives that we have been going through and some pictures. At the end of this post we paste the link of our prezi’s presentation that we have presented in Lisbon. INDIVIDUAL CLASSES PRE-SCHOOL CLASS: RAINBOW Know the colors that make up the rainbow. Observe and experiment with different materials to create the rainbow. (shapes…read more


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Hello everyone! How is the work going? From our school we have been working the weather. Luck has been on our side and we have had the opportunity to demonstrate many changes during these months. Therefore we have been able to enjoy much more of our project. We have relied on both group work and individual work. We have done three activities where the whole school participated: carnival, the cooking workshop and the workshop of black light. On the other hand, the work of a small group has been established…read more