Additional Documents

The keynote of the project is to share ideas and to enable the project partners and maybe other people to realise them. Therefore we collect all additional documents with further informations for everybody who is interested. We also collect materials for the work with the pupils and some conceptual ideas on this page, which can help us and you to develope the school curriculum within an creative aspect.

Heinrich-Böll-Schule, Germany: Challenge
Polar Bear Class: We are Test Pilots
Tiger Class: Challenge of the Day
Dog Class: We explore Frechen for the Emporer
Rocket Class: Pirates Exams
Frog Class: Pirates Adventure

The Dales School, England: Time
Parents Information
Ideas for hall and foyer

Heinrich-Böll-Schule, Germany: Elements
Searchlist for a searching game in the forest (soil)
Recipe for Seedbombs
Guidance for the filter construction (water)

Heinrich-Böll-Schule, Germany: Time
Recipe book for bakery

The Dales School, England: Challenge
Big Hook and Plan 1, Challenges for the teams during the staff planning meeting

Heinrich-Böll-Schule, Germany: Flight
How to design a bee pasture (art works)