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One of the group in primary school has worked about all the elements. How did they work?

To work the elements with the students we have created a panel with the four elements.
The students have painted and decorated each one of the symbols, we made some sensorial boxes.

LAND: We have looked for playground the elements, rocks, branches and leaves.

AIR: We put confetti that they have made themselves and a windmill.

FIRE: We used a candle that we burn and blow when we work it.

WATER: We put blue-colored in the water ( the blue is the color that represents it).

We have also made some sensory bottles to associate them with each element. We have looked for real pictograms and images and we have put them in the mural.

Our class has prioritized the air, we have done an activity of windmills and a box with forexpan balls and we have put some blades, a battery and a switch that when it starts, flies the balls.
We have enjoyed a lot of the activities of the elements!!!