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Come fly with us.

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Here are some examples of our team plans. As you can see, each of the classes had their own perspective and focus, for example Bamburgh chose airplanes and gliders while Amble chose superheroes (specifically Supertato!!). The plans are developed with each curriculum area in mind along with the social and emotional development of our children. We put our plans into action and are now gathering feedback about the theme – look out for the summary which is coming soon.   Bamburgh Autumn Term 2018 Medium plan Termly Guidance Amble

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

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No, it’s Batman and Robin! They came to our big planning meeting to teach us about flight and everyone got together to think about different aspects of flying. Our Deputy Head Teacher, Sally and our Admin Assistant, Lee did great jobs of embodying the role of a caped crusader. Plenty of laughs were had and we really got thinking about what we would like our children to learn. Each team has a specific subject that they would need to communicate to the whole group. Props were provided and all of…read more

End of Year!

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The Dales School would like to wish everyone a fantastic well-earned break! We congratulate children on their achievements throughout the school year and hope for every success for leavers in their new schools and colleges. Obviously, this is a busy time of year, but we promise to update you on our activities in the coming week. Stay tuned!

Jetting off!

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Hello from everyone in England. It is two days until we break up for the half term holidays. We are looking forward to a week off before we start fresh in June with our topic of ‘Weather’! Our big planning meeting was very exciting with staff teams flying off to different destinations where their children will compare and contrast the weather in England with India, South America, Kenya, and Antarctica. Tracy and I were the in-flight attendees and our Head Teacher, Hugh, was the perfect captain!! Please take your boarding…read more

Staff and Parent Feedback

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Hi everyone, Hope you are all enjoying your projects. Here in England we have completed our work on ‘Time’.  Feedback from staff about the process was interesting and positive.   We also asked for feedback from parents, carers and other visitors who attended our exhibition day.  Again, this was on the whole very positive.  One area we will address is supporting new parents on their first visit to events in school, as one person felt she would have benefited from more guidance. We look forward to our next theme! See the…read more

Time for Planning, Planning for Time

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Hello everyone, Here’s some of the information given out as part of our ‘Time’ theme and also some planning.  Another challenge we encountered was making our curriculum relevant for both older and younger children and also finding ways for them to work together. Hope you find it useful! Tracey Click the links below to download full documents. Letter home to parents Blyth class activities Blyth class termly curriculum guidance Blyth class planning Wallington class planning Cresswell class planning Time ideas for hall and interactive activities

Hello everyone!

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Here in England we are three weeks into our work on ‘Time’. Classes have been paired (older children with younger children) to work together on different themes.  Our classes are all named after different places in Northumberland where our school, The Dales is, in the north of England. Our Creative Projects ‘What’s in the Box?’ and ‘Carnival’ both showed the positive outcomes of working together (along with the challenges!) Now the development of our Creative Curriculum is moving on, with 2 important changes: We have introduced a half- termly, whole…read more