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Plan for ‘Flight’ project in Denmark.

Tarm School – a school a two different locations.  The 2nd graders (age 6) worked together with the 7th graders (age 13) togther.

The students meet once a week.

Here is the overall plan for the project.

Week 1- brainstorm in the their classes. ‘What can fly’

Week 2- Group work – The students met each other for the first time. We talked about what can fly.  We shared the ideas from each class from the brainstorm activity. Then the students had to plan a trip from Billund airport to Barcelona, Cologne, or Lisbon.

Week 3 – The students met and they folded a paper airplane that they knew about. Then the students tested their airplanes against the others groups in the gym. Afterwards, the students played a game called ‘ Planecrash’  This is a communication game where the students had to work on their vocal or oral English.  The game is like musical chairs, if you know the game.

Week 4 – The teacher found a lot of different paper airplanes from the website www.funpaperairplanes.com .  The students had to bulid the easiest, then they had to build some of the more difficult paper airplanes.  They had to follow the English instructions on how to fold the airplanes.

Week 5 – The students met again , wheer they worked together making a puzzle game. We had a list of 10 words in English and Danish, working on their English vocabulary.  They wrote the 10 words up in on each side of the carton.  With the long string, they were able to match the words in English and Danish.

Week 6 –  The students met together and worked on the presentations for the other students , teachers , and their parents.  They made a stand to show off all the work during the project.  The students use carton to make a background, a thin stick, and the paper airplanes that they have folded. On the background, the students wrote the English words that they have learned during the project and the paper airplanes that they have produced during the project.