Week 3

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Group work with 7th graders

Place: at 7.kl. at the second building.(7-9 grade)

Played planecrash

Make a paper airplane.

  1. Played planecrash – learning about each other through speaking, listening, and moving in an airplane
  2. Made some paper airplanes that they knew. Tried them out in the gym. Which can fly the longest?


How to play ‘Planecrash’


An English game

Preparation: All the chairs in the class is placed in two lines as if you were sitting in an airplane. You must place one chair less than the number of pupils in the class. Everyone finds a chair except one.

  1. The player without a chair stands in front of the airplane and tells the other pupils 3 things about themselves. Examples:  My name is John. I am 43 years old. I have two children Christian and Josephine. Then the person in the front of the airplanes says: Everyone with blue on, everyone with glasses on, everyone with long hair, blue eyes, black socks, green shirts… and each person matching, jumps up and rushes to a new chair. You are not allowed to sit in the seat beside you.  You have to change rows. Meanwhile, the player who said something about themselves finds the closest seat available, hoping to leave someone else standing without a chair to sit in.
  2. There is much pushing, shoving and general hilarity, and at least one person will end up falling in a heap on the floor, giggling fit to burst, as they are shoved aside from their chosen seat by someone who was just a split second faster in reaching it. Or even someone who was a split second slower, but pushes harder. (Hey, I didn’t say it was fair…)
  3. To add another element to the game, at any time, the caller can shout “Planecrash!”, at this point everyone has to leap to their feet and find a new place to sit.
  4. If you are so unlucky to come up in front of the airplane more than once.  You can not say the same thing about yourself again.  You have to say something new.  Examples.  Your favorite food, your favorite book, or movie.  What your parents’ names, their age.  What you like to do in your spare time.  Do you play a sport or go to a hobby?