Another butterfly project

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Dragon class has worked on butterflies, too. First, we decorated our classroom with lots of butterflies. We crafted caterpillars and butterflies. We had a lot of books about the topic in our classroom.

The raising of real butterflies was very exciting. Every morning a another pupil noticed changes in the cage.

It was fun to let the butterflies fly in our school garden.

In science class we talked about the anatomy of butterflies.

We looked at the different butterflies on the dice and learned their names.

We also learned what caterpillars and butterflies eat.

In arts class we coloured pictures of butterflies. Then we built two wooden houses and painted them to hang them up in the school garden. The decorating of muffins was fun, especially eating them.

We built light butterflies that can fly. We ran across the schoolyard and threw the butterflies in the air. Some of them flew very well. One of them landed in a tree.

Lastly we made a trip to the Eifel. We visited a big butterfly zoo. We catched butterflies and let them free again, we watched a movie and played on the playground. After this day we were really tired.