Creative Learning

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The group of schools of Vialonga “Agrupamento de Escolas de Vialonga” is a group of 9 schools with preschool, primary school and secondary school. It´s a public school which priority is to promote the educative success and social inclusion of all students trough the development of different level of responses: regular education, music artistic education, alternative curriculum, professional and special education for students with special educational needs in all school level. Our schools are located in Vialonga, in the outskirts of Lisbon and our context is characterised by a great cultural, social and linguistic diversity, with students from different origins.  We are considered as a Priority Intervention Territory which aims to meet the needs of a multicultural community and promote their social inclusion and successful learnings.

Our organization is a reference school for students with special educational needs, we have a team working in early childhood intervention, we have also a specialized work with students with special needs and Support Units for children  multiple disabilities, with the individual educational plans,  individual curriculum.

We are considered as inclusive school with significant experiences that will be important to share but we also need to learn from other experiences and from other contexts. We hope to improve the quality of practices with students with special educational needs. This experience allow our staff to reflect and develop cooperative work with other professionals, in different contexts, adopting new ideas, envisaging other solutions and creative educational methodologies to improve the learnings of all students.