Dinosaurs Experts

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During the topic “Time” the Dragon class (first year) has worked on a big dinosaurs project and pupils became real dinosaurs experts.

Teachers decorated the whole classroom with big photos of dinosaurs. They brought books and toys  about the topic, which were available for the pupils all time.

It was very exciting to put “dinosaur eggs” into water and wait for their hatching.

In arts we glued dinosaurs onto landscapes and got an impression of the archaic world long long ago. We also crafted dinosaurs out of paper plates and added them to our little exhibition in class. Every pupil made a little T-rex with iron beads.

Dinosaurs are already extinct. Therefore ist was necessary to become researchers to find out more about them. We digged out different dinosaur bones. Doing that we worked like real palaeontologists. It was a lot of fun. Finally, we put the skeletons in the correct order. No bone was missing. Good job!

In General subjects we learned important things about the different species of dinosaurs and about their life such as what they ate or in which element they lived.

In Physical education pupils of the dragon class became “dinosaur-parents”. They hatched dinosaur-eggs and played with them.

A rope helped us to get an imagination of the time which has passed since dinosaurs has extincted. It was a long, long rope because it is long, long ago since dinosaurs don’t live anymore. What a pity!