Heinrich-Böll-Schule tries new ways of planning

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Our project group came together for planning our new theme in September. For trying out new planning ideas we took some time to find some free associations about “time”. Therefore we listened to calm music and let our thoughts and ideas flow while walking around and reading different time-headlines (click on the image below to read them, too 🙂 ). We wrote down our thoughts without thinking about limitation of reality. In the next step we talked to our colleagues about our interests. What can we imagine to realise in class? How can we support each other? Is there a possibility of working together and sharing ideas? Finally we defined our concrete themes for work in class, but we all feel free to change our focus if necessary. You can find our results of the meeting in the category “Planning Documents”.

After planning work we decided about some common aspects like having a common time-soundtack which will be available in every classroom or having a common logo and signature tune for Erasmus-Presentations during our weekly assembly in school. We hope this is a good way to improve pupils identification with the project.