Pirates Adventure in the Heinrich-Böll-Schule

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Today we send you some impressions of our Pirates Adventure Day in the Rocket Class. It is a group of autistic children in their first and second year in school. The idea of the day was that young pirate pupils need to pass some (of course very difficult and dangerous) exams to become real pirates. They need to help each other because otherwise they won’t be successful.

And here are the challenges of the day and the winning team:

A myterious letter in a bottle reached the class…

  1. Designing a pirates headscarf.

Pirates need the right outfit. Otherwise nobody would be frightened. Pirate pupils should think very exactly about the decision what to draw on the headscarf.

2. Buildung rafts for the case of emergency

Pirates need to know a lot about swimming and sinking, just in case they lose their ship. Pirate pupils need to learn about swiming and sinking materials and they should try to find out how materials fit together. If they do well the raft will swim and could rescue them next time they go aground on a lonely island.

3.  Finding a way through the maze by calculating and counting

If pirates are not able to calculate and count they might starve because they didn’t bring enough food on their ship for a long journey. Maybe they get into fights because they don’t know if somebody else got a bigger part of the plunder than themselves. So better they practise counting and calculating. The challenge for the pirate pupils was to find a way through the maze of numbers by counting and calculating.

4. Getting to the safe riverside

Climbing and balancing are the most important abilities pirates need on a swaying ship. All pirate pupils reached the safe riverside and nobody got eaten bei the crocodiles in the water. What luck!

5. Pirates Party

Pirates love partys and so do pirate pupils. Wild, wilder, wildest…

6. Done! Congratulations!

The pupils of the Rocket Class stood together and all passed the exam and became real pirates. Now the challenge goes to the Frog Class. Will they also be successful? We will see…