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Hello everyone!

How is the work going? From our school we have been working the weather. Luck has been on our side and we have had the opportunity to demonstrate many changes during these months. Therefore we have been able to enjoy much more of our project.

We have relied on both group work and individual work. We have done three activities where the whole school participated: carnival, the cooking workshop and the workshop of black light. On the other hand, the work of a small group has been established by classes. All the classes we have participated, therefore, are 5 classes (infant, primary and secondary) and two classes of specialists. Each class chose a subject that referred to the weather as they are: the rainbow, the rain, the cold and the hot, the weatherman …

All these contents have been worked on from the curriculum established by our law, but from a vision of a creative curriculum where the experience and the experience of learning has been the protagonists and social-personal, communicative and emotional skills have also been reinforced.

After finishing the project we collected the different opinions from all the professionals that had been involved and we did a small assessment. You can see it in the following link: