Some time ago

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It is already some time ago (December 2018), when the teachers of the Erasmus-group of our school met for their very first creative staff meeting. We took the good example of the Dales School and tried out if staff meetings like this could fit to our school, too. The topic was “Weather” but we it didn’t deal with lesson preparation but with fun and creativity all around the theme. Groups of 3 or 4 teachers got the task to create a performance of one aspect of weather. They should do it in a way that allows the others to guess what their performance is about. It was a great fun! Altough there was a lot of work and stressy days right before christmas we enjoyed an inspirating and somehow relaxing hour which remembered us that having fun is an important point of doing good work. We will try to convince our colleagues about that and we hope that we will go on developing our creative curriculum like that.