Sounds and weather music

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Rocket class went on working on the topic weather. We experienced that there is very loud weather like storm, heavy rain or thunderstorm. On the other side there is also very silent weather like fog, silent rain or sun. We got to know a lot of music instruments, tried them out and chose an instrument and a way how to play it for each weather phenomenon. We played games with these sounds and finally we created sound stories and made music together.

Then the pupils experienced that listening is an important aspect of music. One pupil became the conductor and played a weather sound while the others had to do follow his instructions by doing special movements. Thunderstorm: we layed on the floor. Rain: we sat under the table. Sun: we made a circle and our arms became the sunbeams. Fog: we closed our eyes and walked around blindly. All pupils experienced both roles.

Now we were experts in knowing weather phenomenons and music instruments. But we wanted to learn even more! We skilled that seasons and weather in Germany is not the same as seasons and weather in Senegal, Africa. We learned about the importance of water at the end of the dry season and we started to practisce drumming an African rain dance.