The Time of Coal Mining Is Ending

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During Janusz-Korczak-Schule’s project days around the time topic, also the eighth class did some interesting work. The pupils had a look at the history of coal mining in Ibbenbüren, our school town. Ibbenbüren is one of the last two places in Germany where hard coal has been mined. At the end of 2018 the mining of coal is ending in Germany and therefore in Ibbenbüren, too. The pupils created a presentation on Prezi in which history and presence of coal mining are shown. They also made a Powerpoint presentation about what will happen with the mining area in the future.

The school had been taking part in a contest of the mining company, in which solutions and suggestions for the future of the mining area werde demanded. A group of pupils suggested that a hill, a so called spoil tip, should be changed into an orchard for regional fruit. This adea impressed the jury, so that our school won a prize. You can see some information about the orchard in the Powerpoint presentation.

We did not write a translation of the texts, because they are quite long…but we think that you can get a good impression of the work of class 8.

See the Prezi here…..

The Powerpoint is shown here….