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In our project – first and second class – we made a journey to the dinosaurs, the biggest animals ever.  Arrived in the dinosaur time, we watched a movie about the behaviour and live of these exciting animals. Afterwards we designed a dinosaur landscape in a shoebox and got to know some species better.  

A journey to the ancient Greece

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In our project we made a journey to the ancient Greece with its famous buildings, stories, gods and goddesses just like “Zeus” or “Athene”.   Arrived in the ancient time, we created mosaics. The pupils had the possibility to choose whether they wanted to create a turtle, an owl or different kind of amphoras.   Later we talked about the famous gods and goddesses of the Olympus and other characters of the Greek mythology. The pupils listened to stories about Zeus, Athene, Hades and Medusa. Then they made some own figures of…read more

A look into the Middle Ages

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In our project week we traveled to the time of the Middle Ages. Firstly, we located the Middle Ages on a timeline. The knights were fascinating us in particular since we learned something about their training and the everyday life of a knight. Moreover, we watched a short movie about the process of building a castle and also what living in a castle during this era meant. Afterwards we built a castle made out of cardboard. Finally, the project days ended with a tasty knight’s meal.

Stone Age

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During our project week titeled „time“ we traveled back in time to stone age. Most pupils had a hard time imagining how long the stone age lasted in the history of human life. Using the visual tool of a long rope with special marks representing various stages through human history helped them to get a better idea. The children the learned about the various parts of the stone age. Together we created a poster for each of the three stone age periods. Showcased were the changes in human development, housing…read more

Living and working in the first half of the 20th century

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In our project week on the topic of time we visited the home town in Ibbenbüren. There we could first see many things from the lives of the people of yesteryear: clothes, telephones, typewriters, books and much more. After that we were shown old agricultural machines. We also saw how wooden shoes were made in the old days. The most interesting thing was the day we made ropes together like in the old days. We were allowed to take the rope to school afterwards. We were able to experience how…read more

The Time of Coal Mining Is Ending

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During Janusz-Korczak-Schule’s project days around the time topic, also the eighth class did some interesting work. The pupils had a look at the history of coal mining in Ibbenbüren, our school town. Ibbenbüren is one of the last two places in Germany where hard coal has been mined. At the end of 2018 the mining of coal is ending in Germany and therefore in Ibbenbüren, too. The pupils created a presentation on Prezi in which history and presence of coal mining are shown. They also made a Powerpoint presentation about…read more

Dali’s Watches redesigned

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The class 6/7 from Janusz-Korczak-Schule also took part in the project days about “Time”. The pupils had a closer look at Salvador Dali’s picture “The Persistence of Memory” from 1931. Here you can read the Wikipedia article about this picture. The pupils designed some watches by themselves and integrated them into a handpainted tree. Look at the results in our gallery.

The Time of my Life

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Dealing with the time topic in two project days, the pupils of the final class 8-10 B from Janusz-Korczak-Schule had a look back on what was important in their lives so far. The boys and girls are 15 to 17 years old and most of them will leave school in Summer 2019. We started with a timeline, in which the teachers had included important events in history. We then tried to insert important incidents from the pupils’ lives. When were you born? When was your first day in school? It…read more

The Power of Hydrogen: exploring chemistry with red cabbage

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While younger children in primary classes explore elements in categories like air, water, fire and earth, our secondary school pupils enter science. A simple experiment with red cabbage shows how acids and bases can be detected. The pupils of the 6th/7th class carried out an experiment. They used indicators to prove whether a substance is an acid or a base. The indicator liquid is the juice of red cabbage. Here is a list of required objects and the steps of the experiment. ● fresh red cabbage ● 2 bowls or…read more