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Project finishes but Creative Curriculum goes on

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The project is finished – but the work on creative curriculum continues! We look back on two intensive, exciting, interesting, innovative, stimulating and above all creative years. All participants were able to develop further, take up ideas and pass them on, creatively design the curriculum and create diverse learning processes for all students. All participants had the opportunity to take some impressions from the partner schools with them. Everyone could also learn a lot of interesting things about the partner schools’ countries. We experienced the european thought for ourselves. All…read more

Class 1/2 on the track of planes

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“Flying” was the theme of the upcoming project days within the framework of Erasmus. During the regular team meetings, we thought together about how we could work on this topic with the students as the students of class 1/2 need an action-oriented approach. In addition, many children in the class show great interest in airplanes and flying objects. Therefore the idea was born to visit the nearby airport Münster Osnabrück. In preparation and in order to stimulate pre-concepts among the students, we watched a child-friendly film about the airport which…read more

Project „FLIGHT“

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First of all our team made a mind map to let the ideas flow and find out what`s necessary to work and to know about the topic. Then we created a list with interesting things, activities and facts. The students made a list with ideas and wishes for school so that we could built a frame for the project. After checking all possibilities we decided to book a guided tour at our small airport in Münster- Osnabrück. At school the students learned a lot about the history of flying. To…read more

We fly!

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As we heard of our new Erasmus Theme “fly” for a project, we thought about our recent topic in science. In science, we just talked about the honeybee. In this context we first expanded our topic and made something to: How do bees and insects fly? Later in our weekly team meeting we made a brainstorm, what else belongs to the topic “fly” and what else could we do in our project. Because all the pupils in our class also have difficulties in learning, we tried to find something they…read more

A Presentation on flying Animals

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The nebenan project class also contributed to our project days. The pupils examined animals that can fly.  There are many flying animals. You can have a look at birds and insects, but even bigger animals have developed the ability to fly. Some animals are birds, but they can only walk like penguins and ostrichs. Insects like bees, flies and hornets are well known. Also butterflies or dragonflies can fly. The pupils of nebenan project class examined the variety of flying animals. They read in books and on the internet, watched…read more

Class 8 – 10 is going to fly high in the sky!

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The Janusz-Korczak School has been a partner exchange school with the Erasmus project for over a year now. After 2 successfully carried out projects revolving around the themes of time and weather, this time around the students got to deal with the interesting topic of gliding! The adventure began on the 30th of June. Four excited students ranging from classes 8 – 10 met with their teachers to get some more information and a deeper knowledge on the true art of gliding and also to actively participate in the flight…read more

Fascination Flying

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Many students associate the beginning of their holiday with flying and airplanes. But many people, such as businessmen or football players use the airplane for their job. In addition, aircrafts are playing a major role in the worldwide transport of goods and products. In the future, the aviation business is expected to continue to grow even more, although this has a serious impact on the environment. Considering the above, we decided to focus on the aviation business and aircrafts during the project days. These topics are aligned with the interests…read more

Paperplanes in 8th class

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The first thing we did was to collect the flying objects on the blackboard. Then we dealt with the history of flying. We designed posters about the inventors who set the first milestones for flying. Important people were: Count Zeppelin, Otto Lilienthal, the Wright brothers and the Montgolfier brothers. Their profiles can be seen below. In addition, we also dealt with the physical background of flying. We were explained how an airplane can fly and we saw a film about it. Forces that are important for flying: Lift, weight, thrust…read more

Flying the boomerang

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Flying – a new project theme At the beginning, we had our difficulties in the first considerations on the subject of “flying”. Some of this was already discussed in the last school year (e.g. the subject of air). We already dealt with airplanes and their inventions at the beginning of the school year. In geography the topic “continents” was still missing… quickly the connection was found. On a project day we dedicated ourselves to the continent “Australia and Oceania”. The fairy tale of the Aborigines “The Invisible Companion” served as…read more

We sing for the climate!!

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On the 11th and 12th of April, two project days attending to the topic “weather” took place at our school. Our weather surrounds us every day, weather phenomena are omnipresent. Dealing with the weather allows learning with all your senses. Of course you can not talk about the weather nowadays without also considering the climate change. Climate change: What does this have to do with my future? Where and how is climate change already affecting the earth today? What can I do and what has to be done? Do politicians…read more