The Time of my Life

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Dealing with the time topic in two project days, the pupils of the final class 8-10 B from Janusz-Korczak-Schule had a look back on what was important in their lives so far. The boys and girls are 15 to 17 years old and most of them will leave school in Summer 2019.

We started with a timeline, in which the teachers had included important events in history. We then tried to insert important incidents from the pupils’ lives. When were you born? When was your first day in school? It was not too easy for the pupils to enter their memories, because many of them had experienced painful things in the past.

So our timeline is not complete yet, but it helped the pupils to see what happened during their lives and to classify their experience into a greater context. Take a look at the timeline here.

We are planning to continue work on the “Time of my Life”. Pupils are about to have a look into their future: what are my plans for the time after school? What do I dream of? What are my next steps to reach my goals?

In our youth conference, which is held every friday, we presented our results. One pupil, Leon, was willing to show some photos and objects from his children’s days. He brought along three photos and one pet dog. He described what was shown in the photos and told the other pupils about his past. It was a very impressing performance. Everyone was listening quietly and showed respect to the young man who talked about his past.