The weather is going crazy again

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Das Wetter, das Wetter spielt wieder mal verrückt!
Man könnte verzweifeln, wenn man hinauf zum Himmel blickt.
Wir hätten so gerne ein bisschen Sonnenschein!
Wie kann man nur so launisch wie das Wetter sein!

The weather, the weather is going crazy again!
You could despair when you look up at the sky.
We’d so like a little sunshine!
How can you be as moody as the weather!

The rocket class started working on the weather topic with a big  artwork and music project. We learned a weather song and practised it with gestures until we were able to perform it in front of a camera. Then we made a film out of it. All pupils were very proud to become a movie star and loved watching themselves on the big screen in the classroom. ( I will bring the whole film to the meeting to Denmark 🙂 .)

We did different artwork to each verse and we are going to have an exhibition in a special room which we will decorate by all classes involved in the project. Each class will visit the room and watches the work of the other classes. In May, when we will have a big school party, we will open the room to the public.

Nebelschwaden, Nebelschwaden,
kriechen durch die Fensterladen,
kriechen in den Blumentopf,
aber nicht in meinen Kopf.

Waft of mist, waft of mist,
crawl through the shutters,
crawl into the flower pot,
but not in my head.

Regentropfen, Regentropfen,
die an unser Fenster klopfen,
rieseln auf den Regenschirm,
aber nicht in mein Gehirn!

Raindrops, raindrops
knocking on our windows,
trickling down on the umbrella
but not in my brain!

Schneegestöber, Schneegestöber,
einmal fein und einmal gröber,
macht die Erde weiß und still,
aber ich sing, wann ich will!

Snow flurries, snow flurries,
once fine and once coarser,
makes the earth white and silent,
but I’ll sing when I want to!

Finally we played a Bingo game with gestures, pictures and terms of the song.