Time, Tarm School

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In February we have worked on the theme time in 6th grade German classes.

The goal was to learn how to tell and say time in German and to read both digital and analog watches.

We have practiced to tell time by playing different games both on the computer and irl.

The children have learned and performed a song about a little witch who tells the time by what she is doing during the day.

In each class we have made our own paper watches and practiced to tell time in German

We have also listened to a German rock band who taught us different time in German.

At last we have made posters of the seasons and the children had to draw on each season what kind of activities you can do.

As CL activity we’ve played a kind of dodgeball, every time you died you had to go to the teacher and get a card with tasks or questions. If you could answer the questions about time you were alive again.