Water all around

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The Rocket Class started work on Elements during a three-day-classtrip. The pupils experienced a lot of interesting, funny and exciting impressions around the element “Water”. They played in a ditch and did a lot of different things with water and earth. They enjoyed a boat trip on a lake and experienced the calm and smooth water of the lake. In the afternoon a big thunderstorm approached and showed us the power of water with floated streets, hail and an electricity cut in our hostel. Afterwards we astonished the changes of the environment: streets became rivers, our ditch became big and dangerous, branches fell down, mud were all over the street, new waterfalls sprang up. Water all around!

Experiments with water in a ditch:

Enjoying a boat trip on a big lake:

Playing in the pleasant calm water of the lake:

The thunderstorm is coming:

Environment has changed:

The beauty of sun and raindrops on a childrens drawing: