Weather, Weather, Weather

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And here we show the work on weather in the Elephant-class (2nd year):

Rain gauge
In order to study the weather and to be able to measure the precipitation of the weeks per day, we have built a rain gauge. For this we used old plastic bottles and set up in our school biotope.

Weather massage
Experience the weather as a massage – that is possible, too! We have worked out a movement with our hands for every weather condition. So we could massively massage the back of our front man.When it rains you tap on the back with your fingertips. In hail, use the fist carefully. Warm the sun by rubbing your back with your palm until it gets a bit warmer.

Weather Mobile
We have created a mobile from raindrops. For this we used wax crayons. This was sprinkled in laminating film and heated with an iron. So great drops have been created, which we have attached to the window. The drops shine in the sun and show their individuality and beauty.

We learned a lot about the weather and got to know the different weather conditions through good observation. A self-made climate glass showed us how the evaporation of the water works and we were able to document our observations accurately.