Creative teachers make creative pupils

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After the creative staff meeting in June pupils and teachers of the Heinrich-Böll-Schule now worked all together on their new school rules for a whole week. All over the school you could see creative pupils playing and exploring, painting and designing, acting and singing, cooking and serving, cleaning and clearing. In this way they internalized the new school rules very intensively. Pupils and teachers have had a lot of fun and we could experience the basic assertion of the project with the whole community: Creative teachers make creative pupils.

The planning is going on. We decided to have another creative meeting for the whole staff in March 2020, a project time (probably more than a week because we have had so many ideas) for the pupils and maybe a big school festival with exhibition and activities. Up to then a group of teachers will continue the project orientated work and have creative meetings inside the group. We are very happy that new members joined up with the group after the experiences of the last months.