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What a wonderful week

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Hello Everybody, I want to say thank you to Conxi, Mireia, Marina and all the other people in the school fo Lleida who were our hosts this week and made me feel so welcomed. And I want to say thank you to the whole group. It was a great pleasure to work together, to listen to your presentations and to develop our project. And of course it was wonderful to spend time with all of you and feel how friendship grows up. Greetings to all of us who have stayed…read more

It’s my time

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For most people leisure is the most joyful time of their life because they are allowed to decide on themselves how to spend this time. But for autistic children leisure seems to be a very exhausting time because it demands abilities they often didn`t develop yet. The result is that many of our pupils spend their leisure time in school with always the same activity or just doing nothing. The project work in the Rocket Class on the theme “Time” is about improving the quality of leisure time for our…read more

Heinrich-Böll-Schule tries new ways of planning

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Our project group came together for planning our new theme in September. For trying out new planning ideas we took some time to find some free associations about “time”. Therefore we listened to calm music and let our thoughts and ideas flow while walking around and reading different time-headlines (click on the image below to read them, too 🙂 ). We wrote down our thoughts without thinking about limitation of reality. In the next step we talked to our colleagues about our interests. What can we imagine to realise in…read more

Lots of water and a little bit of fire

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The dog class investigated the topic elements with the focus on water as an essential element of life. During the first part of the teaching unit the pupils learned that there is a crucial difference between fresh water and salt water. In addition they acquired knowledge about the different animals and plants that live either in the ocean or in lakes. The highlight was the second experimental teaching unit with water. The pupils made many different physical experiments to answer the following questions: – Which items can swim and which…read more

Three exciting days

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The Tiger-Class decided to work with the elements water and earth (sand). After a very stressful time in class we enjoyed to plan 3 project days. On the first day we’ve spent the morning at the public pool. As a highlight we were able to organize the slide to open up. The children really enjoyed it. Later we worked in art with brickearth that the children were able to find in our schoolgarden. They shaped cars, boats and lots of different things. Later they wrote little cards about their objects…read more

Volcanoes in Frechen

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In art lessons, the students of the polar bear class used papier-mâché and color to create their own volcano. In an experiment with baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring we created a volcanic eruption by a chemical reaction. That was impressive and exciting. Bianca, the teacher, found this idea in the posts of our Portuguese friends and used it for her class. Thank you for giving us the good idea :)!

Fire – dangerous and beautiful

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All pupils of the Rocket Class were really looking forward to work on fire although they couldn’t believe that they would make a fire completely on their own. But they did! First they learned with pictures and real materials in the classroom how to make a fire and of course they learned some safety rules, too. Then they collected sticks in the garden and afterwards they started the big adventure of making fire. The fire was big and hot enough to grill delicious sausages for lunch! Inspired by the fire…read more

The journey of the little raindrop Willy

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The Rocket Class has worked on water in the second week. The pupils have had lots of experiences with this element before. Everybody could remember the tremendous thunderstorm we had experienced during our classtrip (You could read about that a few weeks ago). Now we took the occasion to go on a journey with Willy, the little raindrop. The pupils learned in a playful way a lot about the water circle and were impressed about the interaction of elements. They experienced that every single element is necessary to make the…read more


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In the Rocket Class we take one week for every element. We always start with a meditative situation. We are listening to elements-music and stopp talking. So we can experience every single element in its different appearances by touching, listening, smelling and watching . Afterwards we collect our thoughts and ideas and write or draw them on our elements-poster. In another two or three lessons we do active things to experience the element with our whole body. The first element we were working on was earth. We created seedbombs. That…read more