Lots of water and a little bit of fire

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The dog class investigated the topic elements with the focus on water as an essential element of life.

During the first part of the teaching unit the pupils learned that there is a crucial difference between fresh water and salt water. In addition they acquired knowledge about the different animals and plants that live either in the ocean or in lakes.

The highlight was the second experimental teaching unit with water. The pupils made many different physical experiments to answer the following questions:

– Which items can swim and which cannot?
– How does the water get to the sky?
– Why do grapes float in sparkling water?
– How long does it take for dry paper to sink?

Of course the practical learning was a lot of fun for the pupils.

During religious education the pupils were taught what Christians believe and what they mean by the term “creation”. The students also learned that Christians believe that God created the elements. To intensify their knowledge the pupils created a foldable book. Each page shows a different day of the creation.

At the end of the school year, we worked on the topic of fire. At the end of the day the pupils grilled sausages in our school garden. Sausages have never tasted so good before.