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The time

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In the elementary school we have created a mural with different activities, answering two questions: – How do we measure time? We have produced an analog clock, to work specific hours, two sand clocks of 20 seconds and 40 seconds that when we turn them we hope that the sand falls and then we play the bell, and we have made a calendar on the computer where we set the day in which we are and at the same time we treat the past. – How does the time pass?…read more

Creative Learning for the staff

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After developing some ideas in our School-Erasmus-group how to do creative planning activities we tried the adventure to do a creative planning meeting with the whole staff. This was inspired by the “big plan” of the Dales we heard about during our last meeting in Denmark. The theme of this meeting touched further work after the end of the current project. During this school year we gave ourselves new school rules. They are very basic but also comprehensive. We decided to do a project week with our pupils in September…read more

Creating Weather Boxes

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What kind of ‘weathers‘ are there? How do they look like? And: How can the weather be depicted in a box?These are the questions the Lion Class did wonder about in April. First, we thought about question number one in class. After that, every child painted a picture of some weather phenomenon they chose. There were rainbows, thunderstorms and wild waves at a beach. With this concept drawing, our next step was to design a box (an old shoe box). Every child could use all their creativity and a lot…read more

Learning about the weather

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Learning about the weather, we could identify the seasons of the year, winter, spring, summer and automn. We explored the temperature, the days of the week, the days of the month, each seasons months and also the weekend activities when the sun shines or when it´s windy and rainy days. We explored different materials, tastes, smells, coloursand sounds. Students of different classes developed their activities and also families experienced some activities. Teachers explored different methodologies and collaborative work to discuss and plan the activities, exploring the curriculum areas and improving…read more

Time stories

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To learn about Time, we learned about Kings and Queens of other times, Portugueses traditions and habits from long time ago. Stories and history of the Portuguese people and the world discoveries. With the time stories, students in different classes and different school levels explored the time through the several methodologies and improved their learning.