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The Time of Coal Mining Is Ending

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During Janusz-Korczak-Schule’s project days around the time topic, also the eighth class did some interesting work. The pupils had a look at the history of coal mining in Ibbenbüren, our school town. Ibbenbüren is one of the last two places in Germany where hard coal has been mined. At the end of 2018 the mining of coal is ending in Germany and therefore in Ibbenbüren, too. The pupils created a presentation on Prezi in which history and presence of coal mining are shown. They also made a Powerpoint presentation about…read more

Dali’s Watches redesigned

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The class 6/7 from Janusz-Korczak-Schule also took part in the project days about “Time”. The pupils had a closer look at Salvador Dali’s picture “The Persistence of Memory” from 1931. Here you can read the Wikipedia article about this picture. The pupils designed some watches by themselves and integrated them into a handpainted tree. Look at the results in our gallery.

Come fly with us.

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Here are some examples of our team plans. As you can see, each of the classes had their own perspective and focus, for example Bamburgh chose airplanes and gliders while Amble chose superheroes (specifically Supertato!!). The plans are developed with each curriculum area in mind along with the social and emotional development of our children. We put our plans into action and are now gathering feedback about the theme – look out for the summary which is coming soon.   Bamburgh Autumn Term 2018 Medium plan Termly Guidance Amble

The Time of my Life

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Dealing with the time topic in two project days, the pupils of the final class 8-10 B from Janusz-Korczak-Schule had a look back on what was important in their lives so far. The boys and girls are 15 to 17 years old and most of them will leave school in Summer 2019. We started with a timeline, in which the teachers had included important events in history. We then tried to insert important incidents from the pupils’ lives. When were you born? When was your first day in school? It…read more

The Power of Hydrogen: exploring chemistry with red cabbage

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While younger children in primary classes explore elements in categories like air, water, fire and earth, our secondary school pupils enter science. A simple experiment with red cabbage shows how acids and bases can be detected. The pupils of the 6th/7th class carried out an experiment. They used indicators to prove whether a substance is an acid or a base. The indicator liquid is the juice of red cabbage. Here is a list of required objects and the steps of the experiment. ● fresh red cabbage ● 2 bowls or…read more

We are in the funfair!!!

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The students of primary school have started working on the Challenge project.  A few weeks ago it was the local festival in Lleida, our city. We like the funfair, so we decided to work on it because we want to win all the teddies the next time. We are creating a series of challenges that we encounter whenever we go with our families to the funfair. All of them are designed with recycled materials.

Heinrich-Böll-Schule tries new ways of planning

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Our project group came together for planning our new theme in September. For trying out new planning ideas we took some time to find some free associations about “time”. Therefore we listened to calm music and let our thoughts and ideas flow while walking around and reading different time-headlines (click on the image below to read them, too 🙂 ). We wrote down our thoughts without thinking about limitation of reality. In the next step we talked to our colleagues about our interests. What can we imagine to realise in…read more

Pokemon Hunters

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Hello everybody!  How was the holidays? We have returned with great enthusiasm to work. We are working on the Challenge Project now and the secundary class has started hunting Pokemons. They said… Our challenge are very cool. We’re pokemon hunters. We try to find here around the school a lot of pokemons with pokemon go game. We’re trying to request a Pokeparade near the school.