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Pirates Adventure in the Heinrich-Böll-Schule

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Today we send you some impressions of our Pirates Adventure Day in the Rocket Class. It is a group of autistic children in their first and second year in school. The idea of the day was that young pirate pupils need to pass some (of course very difficult and dangerous) exams to become real pirates. They need to help each other because otherwise they won’t be successful. And here are the challenges of the day and the winning team: A myterious letter in a bottle reached the class… Designing a…read more

Test Pilots from the Polar Bear Class

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  Hello to Everybody! Greetings from Heinrich-Böll-Schule. We already managed the biggest challenge of this winter in Germany: the influenza. That’s the reason for the long silence. But now (almost) everybody is healthy again and we are able to start our Erasmus-Challenges :). In our school we agreed, that our challenge should support the children to be part of a group and get fun by having success together. The first idea comes from Biancas class. These pupils are 9 to 11 years old and in the 4th grade. Challenge of…read more