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The journey of the little raindrop Willy

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The Rocket Class has worked on water in the second week. The pupils have had lots of experiences with this element before. Everybody could remember the tremendous thunderstorm we had experienced during our classtrip (You could read about that a few weeks ago). Now we took the occasion to go on a journey with Willy, the little raindrop. The pupils learned in a playful way a lot about the water circle and were impressed about the interaction of elements. They experienced that every single element is necessary to make the…read more


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In the Rocket Class we take one week for every element. We always start with a meditative situation. We are listening to elements-music and stopp talking. So we can experience every single element in its different appearances by touching, listening, smelling and watching . Afterwards we collect our thoughts and ideas and write or draw them on our elements-poster. In another two or three lessons we do active things to experience the element with our whole body. The first element we were working on was earth. We created seedbombs. That…read more

Volcanoes in the Mountains of Eifel

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The students of polar bear class drove to the volcanic Eifel on a school trip. Before, they had informed themselves about the Eifel. They researched the Eifel and found out that many volcanoes were active in the Eifel in the past and that today they were created in the craters, so-called maars. 75 of the maaren today are filled with water and become maar lakes.  The students recorded their research results in a lapbook about the Vulkaneifel! During our school trip, we saw extinct volcanoes on our hikes, but they…read more

Start of classroom work on elements

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After coming back from our classtrip the rocket class startet classroom work on elements. First we spoke about the importance of all elements for our planet. The pupils have had lots of good ideas and the discussion was much longer than it was planned. The pupils saw the coherences between the elements and  learned that all elements depend on each other. While trying to draw a picture on only one element we experienced that this is nearly impossible. Water, fire, air and earth belong together and we can’t seperate them.

Water all around

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The Rocket Class started work on Elements during a three-day-classtrip. The pupils experienced a lot of interesting, funny and exciting impressions around the element “Water”. They played in a ditch and did a lot of different things with water and earth. They enjoyed a boat trip on a lake and experienced the calm and smooth water of the lake. In the afternoon a big thunderstorm approached and showed us the power of water with floated streets, hail and an electricity cut in our hostel. Afterwards we astonished the changes of…read more

Creative Learning

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The group of schools of Vialonga “Agrupamento de Escolas de Vialonga” is a group of 9 schools with preschool, primary school and secondary school. It´s a public school which priority is to promote the educative success and social inclusion of all students trough the development of different level of responses: regular education, music artistic education, alternative curriculum, professional and special education for students with special educational needs in all school level. Our schools are located in Vialonga, in the outskirts of Lisbon and our context is characterised by a great…read more