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The Power of Hydrogen: exploring chemistry with red cabbage

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While younger children in primary classes explore elements in categories like air, water, fire and earth, our secondary school pupils enter science. A simple experiment with red cabbage shows how acids and bases can be detected. The pupils of the 6th/7th class carried out an experiment. They used indicators to prove whether a substance is an acid or a base. The indicator liquid is the juice of red cabbage. Here is a list of required objects and the steps of the experiment. ● fresh red cabbage ● 2 bowls or…read more

Lots of water and a little bit of fire

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The dog class investigated the topic elements with the focus on water as an essential element of life. During the first part of the teaching unit the pupils learned that there is a crucial difference between fresh water and salt water. In addition they acquired knowledge about the different animals and plants that live either in the ocean or in lakes. The highlight was the second experimental teaching unit with water. The pupils made many different physical experiments to answer the following questions: – Which items can swim and which…read more

Three exciting days

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The Tiger-Class decided to work with the elements water and earth (sand). After a very stressful time in class we enjoyed to plan 3 project days. On the first day we’ve spent the morning at the public pool. As a highlight we were able to organize the slide to open up. The children really enjoyed it. Later we worked in art with brickearth that the children were able to find in our schoolgarden. They shaped cars, boats and lots of different things. Later they wrote little cards about their objects…read more

Volcanoes in Frechen

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In art lessons, the students of the polar bear class used papier-mâché and color to create their own volcano. In an experiment with baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring we created a volcanic eruption by a chemical reaction. That was impressive and exciting. Bianca, the teacher, found this idea in the posts of our Portuguese friends and used it for her class. Thank you for giving us the good idea :)!

Visiting a biotope

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The Rocket Class went on an excursion to a biotope and studied animals and plants which live in the element of water. Unfortunately it was the only cold day during the last six weeks and frogs, turtles and dragonflies hid themselves somewhere under water. But the pupils saw a lot of small water animals, smelled at herbs, asked questions about insects, bees and under water growing plants. Again they experienced that water, earth, air and light (from the fire of the sun) belong together and make life possible. With this…read more

Perception in a silent atmosphere

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The Rocket Class startet the work on each element with a short meditative situation. Stopp talking and listening to beautiful music made them able to perceive the elements without the influence of other persons. They tried to listen, to watch, to smell and to touch the elements. Afterwards they described their experience and practised the association of free ideas (without answering on a concrete question as they are used to). These situations seemed to be a little bit unfamiliar to the pupils in the beginning but they got used to…read more

Fire – dangerous and beautiful

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All pupils of the Rocket Class were really looking forward to work on fire although they couldn’t believe that they would make a fire completely on their own. But they did! First they learned with pictures and real materials in the classroom how to make a fire and of course they learned some safety rules, too. Then they collected sticks in the garden and afterwards they started the big adventure of making fire. The fire was big and hot enough to grill delicious sausages for lunch! Inspired by the fire…read more

The barefoot path gets a new ground

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The pupils of the Rocket Class worked in the garden and created a new ground for the barefoot path. They remembered the different parts of earth such as sticks, stones and sand. And they learned that moss needs to be watered for very long minutes. Finally all pupils were brave enough to walk the barefoot path without shoes and they perceived surprised the different surfaces of the new ground.

An airy workshop

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Rocket Class reached the element “Air” and had a very busy workshop about this element. The idea of this workshop was making things which deal with air in different coherences. The pupils built flutes and pipes and needed their own breathing air for making music. They painted and folded fans and found out that moving air can be cool and brisk. They enjoyed this and found this feature very useful because it is very hot in the moment in Germany (and I think in the rest of Europe, too 🙂…read more

The four elements in the vegetable bed

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The students of the polar bears get rid of the elements with puzzles. We are experimenting with cress: Which of the 4 elements are elementary in growth? The students fill clay pots with earth and cress seeds. Every pot lacks an important element. In a pot no water is added, in one earth missing, in the other light, in an air and in the last heat. In another pot, all elements are present, water, earth, air, light and heat. In a trial protocol, the students record the results of the…read more