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Fire – dangerous and beautiful

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All pupils of the Rocket Class were really looking forward to work on fire although they couldn’t believe that they would make a fire completely on their own. But they did! First they learned with pictures and real materials in the classroom how to make a fire and of course they learned some safety rules, too. Then they collected sticks in the garden and afterwards they started the big adventure of making fire. The fire was big and hot enough to grill delicious sausages for lunch! Inspired by the fire…read more

The journey of the little raindrop Willy

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The Rocket Class has worked on water in the second week. The pupils have had lots of experiences with this element before. Everybody could remember the tremendous thunderstorm we had experienced during our classtrip (You could read about that a few weeks ago). Now we took the occasion to go on a journey with Willy, the little raindrop. The pupils learned in a playful way a lot about the water circle and were impressed about the interaction of elements. They experienced that every single element is necessary to make the…read more


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In the Rocket Class we take one week for every element. We always start with a meditative situation. We are listening to elements-music and stopp talking. So we can experience every single element in its different appearances by touching, listening, smelling and watching . Afterwards we collect our thoughts and ideas and write or draw them on our elements-poster. In another two or three lessons we do active things to experience the element with our whole body. The first element we were working on was earth. We created seedbombs. That…read more

Volcanoes in the Mountains of Eifel

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The students of polar bear class drove to the volcanic Eifel on a school trip. Before, they had informed themselves about the Eifel. They researched the Eifel and found out that many volcanoes were active in the Eifel in the past and that today they were created in the craters, so-called maars. 75 of the maaren today are filled with water and become maar lakes.  The students recorded their research results in a lapbook about the Vulkaneifel! During our school trip, we saw extinct volcanoes on our hikes, but they…read more

Portugal welcomed the project partners

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Our second project meeting took place in Vialonga near Lisbon. It was a meeting full of intensive work, interesting informations, engaged discussions and last but not least creative learning (in action!). The group grew together to a real community. We enjoyed staying together and being guests of our portuguese partners. Thank you very, very much to Madalena and her colleagues, who prepared the meeting and made sure that it became a wonderful experience of European friendship. Thank you :).

Challenge of the Day

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The Tiger Class (third and fourth year) decided on having “a challenge of the day”. All games were supposed to help building a big team. The students got the opportunity to cooperate with each other to solve a problem successful. In order to strengthen their self-confidence all games had to be without an actual time limit. They could have as many tries as the wanted / needed. After our class managed to solve the challenges we passed the challenges to the Polar Bear Class. For both classes it was a…read more

Challenges in the Frog Class

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The Frog Class (first year) experienced another Pirates Day. (This was not the exchange with the Rocket Class but another one.) The young pirates had to be successful in three team challenges. First they had to count pirate flags on the playground. The second task asked the children to sort in a row in accordance to their height without talking. The third challenge told them to transport a cup together without touching it. Did they manage? Did they get the treasure? Look for more in our material collection…  

Test Pilots from the Polar Bear Class

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  Hello to Everybody! Greetings from Heinrich-Böll-Schule. We already managed the biggest challenge of this winter in Germany: the influenza. That’s the reason for the long silence. But now (almost) everybody is healthy again and we are able to start our Erasmus-Challenges :). In our school we agreed, that our challenge should support the children to be part of a group and get fun by having success together. The first idea comes from Biancas class. These pupils are 9 to 11 years old and in the 4th grade. Challenge of…read more