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One week all around Flight

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As part of the Erasmus project Flight, the elephant class dealt with the topic in a project week. We have been working on the construction of an aircraft and have made our own hypotheses in experiments as to which objects fly, sail or fall. The experiments have encouraged us to make our own hypotheses, to test them ourselves by means of simple experiments, and have encouraged us to think.The paper flying competition was a lot of fun for us! The widest paper plane flew 14.8 m. This was the reward…read more

Paper plane competition 2019

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The AEROCLUB I NRW e. V. announced this competition and what could be nicer than paper planes? Therefore, the elephants decided to fold the paper planes very precisely in order to win.Step by step the edges lay again and again at the middle fold. After quite a lot of kinks and looks to the side, whether the neighbour needs help, cool codes or patterns could finally be painted on. On June 25, the time had come. In the gym class the own paper planes were finally allowed to climb into…read more

Tigerclass visits falconer Ari

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As a conclusion to our natural science subject „birds of prey“ the tigers payed a visit to Skyhunters Frechen, a little falconry park only a short walk from our school. Blessed with the best of weather we could witness various interesting animals. For starters a horde of ferrets was unleashed upon us. Everyone interested was allowed to pet them, cuddle them, hold them on their arms, let them snack some tasty maltcreme from their fingers, or even get a kiss on the cheek. Armed with a falconers glove we were…read more

The bee project

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In the Rocket class we started working on life in a meadow. There are lot of little animals like insects, spiders oder snails who are either flying or crawling. Pupils learned to distinguish these animals by playing games. Afterwards we chose the bee as a very interesting animal and started our intensive work on learning about bees and their life and doing something for the bees. We learned about the bees body characteristics, about their special eyes, about the society inside their population and about their different tasks. We created…read more

The timeline age

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The primary school class with shared schooling has worked the time line of the ages. We have continued working through the conceptual map by asking the same question that the teachers did: What does it mean time? Different ideas emerged: prehistoric times, present-past-future, when we were babies … Among all the students we decided to work the timeline ages and we classify it into five sections: babies, children, adolescents, adults and old people. We made a brainstrom from each of the sections. Then we asked families to take pictures of families…read more

How do we measure our activities?

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In high school class with occupational skills, we have tried to measure our activities from clocks made by ourselves made from recycled materials. To relate it to the theme of the Elements, we have continued working through water and created a water clock that helped us to measure time in another way. It has been very interesting to know different ways to measure our activities.

The time

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In the elementary school we have created a mural with different activities, answering two questions: – How do we measure time? We have produced an analog clock, to work specific hours, two sand clocks of 20 seconds and 40 seconds that when we turn them we hope that the sand falls and then we play the bell, and we have made a calendar on the computer where we set the day in which we are and at the same time we treat the past. – How does the time pass?…read more

Creative Learning for the staff

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After developing some ideas in our School-Erasmus-group how to do creative planning activities we tried the adventure to do a creative planning meeting with the whole staff. This was inspired by the “big plan” of the Dales we heard about during our last meeting in Denmark. The theme of this meeting touched further work after the end of the current project. During this school year we gave ourselves new school rules. They are very basic but also comprehensive. We decided to do a project week with our pupils in September…read more