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Discover the land

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One of the elements we have discovered has been the land. We asked different questions. One of them was: Where can we find land? Some of the answers were: the beach, the mountain, the school … For this reason we went to walk around the school to see if there was land and what we could find on earth.We took some containers and we took everything we were finding on the land. Then we went back to school and classified it, we wrote some posters and we made a small…read more

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One of the group in primary school has worked about all the elements. How did they work? To work the elements with the students we have created a panel with the four elements. The students have painted and decorated each one of the symbols, we made some sensorial boxes. LAND: We have looked for playground the elements, rocks, branches and leaves. AIR: We put confetti that they have made themselves and a windmill. FIRE: We used a candle that we burn and blow when we work it. WATER: We put…read more

Time, Tarm School

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In February we have worked on the theme time in 6th grade German classes. The goal was to learn how to tell and say time in German and to read both digital and analog watches. We have practiced to tell time by playing different games both on the computer and irl. The children have learned and performed a song about a little witch who tells the time by what she is doing during the day. In each class we have made our own paper watches and practiced to tell time…read more

The weather is going crazy again

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Das Wetter, das Wetter spielt wieder mal verrückt! Man könnte verzweifeln, wenn man hinauf zum Himmel blickt. Wir hätten so gerne ein bisschen Sonnenschein! Wie kann man nur so launisch wie das Wetter sein! The weather, the weather is going crazy again! You could despair when you look up at the sky. We’d so like a little sunshine! How can you be as moody as the weather! The rocket class started working on the weather topic with a big  artwork and music project. We learned a weather song and practised…read more

Some time ago

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It is already some time ago (December 2018), when the teachers of the Erasmus-group of our school met for their very first creative staff meeting. We took the good example of the Dales School and tried out if staff meetings like this could fit to our school, too. The topic was “Weather” but we it didn’t deal with lesson preparation but with fun and creativity all around the theme. Groups of 3 or 4 teachers got the task to create a performance of one aspect of weather. They should do…read more

The elements

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Every year Tarm School has a week where all classes from kindergarten to 6th grade work on the same theme, this year the theme was “Well-being” or “How do you thrive in school/your class”. This activites took place in Karens class: In my 3rd grade this year we combined the theme Well-being and the 4 elements. Our starting point was taken from the cartoon “Avatar”. It is about 4 children who must endure some tasks to master the 4 elements: earth, wind, water and fire. On Monday for a start…read more

How can we stop the fire?

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The students of primary school worked the fire last week. We followed the same line of work as with the air. We made a concept map with different questions: How is the fire? Who invented the fire? What can we do with the fire? Where can we find the fire? How can we stop the fire? We answered the questions and then we put in pairs and looked for different ways to stop the fire, places where we could find fire and things we could do with the fire. It…read more

The elements in the speech therapy class

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One of the programming that I use in my class is the one of the blow. For this I modify the structure of the class to be able to make a circuit in which the activities are sequenced in a linear way. I have taken advantage of the theme of the elements to integrate it into this programming, since my initial programming included air, water and fire. I just needed to add the land !!! So I work the elements: – Air: It is the main element in this programming….read more

How is the air and what can it do?

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In primary school with shared schooling, we are working on all the elements. Every week we know a new element and together we make a concept map where each one contributes their ideas. Then we do an experiment on the element worked. This week we worked on the air. In the conceptual map we described how it is the air, what causes the air (from tornadoes to energy), objects or things that make air (fan, hair dryer, mouth …) and objects or things that the air can fly (papers, feathers…read more