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Clouds make our weather

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At the beginning of the project days, class 6/7 dealt with the topic of clouds. In a short film, the students learned how clouds are created and that there are many different types of clouds. They have learned that clouds are made up of water droplets or ice crystals, look different and are at different heights in the sky. In order to give the pupils an overview of the diversity of the clouds, they used cotton wool to shape the various cloud types and stick them on a paper with…read more

Climate zones and climate diagrams

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Class 8-10 B has learned about the difference between climate and weather. We can watch the weather in out town for a moment, a day or a month, but climates are what we notice for longer terms. The students learned how to design climate diagrams. They took the values for temperature and rainfall, calculated the average temperature for one year and added the rainfall for one year. After that, they drew climate diagrams with lines and columns to explain the particularities of the place.

How is the weather?

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“How is the weather?”… This was the question Rocket class dealt with in Speech and Language and English classes. We learned weather terms in German and English and practised to pronounce them properly. We watched little films and listened to the voices of native speakers. We practised the dialog: “How is the weather…?” “It is…” with different games. We also practised looking at our dialog partners while speaking with them. Pupils chose a weather, painted it on the board and asked their classmates: “How is the weather?” We watched an…read more

Sounds and weather music

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Rocket class went on working on the topic weather. We experienced that there is very loud weather like storm, heavy rain or thunderstorm. On the other side there is also very silent weather like fog, silent rain or sun. We got to know a lot of music instruments, tried them out and chose an instrument and a way how to play it for each weather phenomenon. We played games with these sounds and finally we created sound stories and made music together. Then the pupils experienced that listening is an…read more

All around the weather in Dragon class

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We decorated our classroom fitting the topic “weather”. Every morning a different child set our weather clock. Our weatherman leads through the lessons. We got to know a lot about wind. We know the difference between a tornado and a hurricane and drew pictures about it. We had a lot of fun during the “tornado in a glass” experiment. We coloured and crafted pinwheels in arts class. It was fun to  try pout the pinwheels. We were allowed to take our pinwheels home. We listened to a book text about…read more

Discover the land

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One of the elements we have discovered has been the land. We asked different questions. One of them was: Where can we find land? Some of the answers were: the beach, the mountain, the school … For this reason we went to walk around the school to see if there was land and what we could find on earth.We took some containers and we took everything we were finding on the land. Then we went back to school and classified it, we wrote some posters and we made a small…read more

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One of the group in primary school has worked about all the elements. How did they work? To work the elements with the students we have created a panel with the four elements. The students have painted and decorated each one of the symbols, we made some sensorial boxes. LAND: We have looked for playground the elements, rocks, branches and leaves. AIR: We put confetti that they have made themselves and a windmill. FIRE: We used a candle that we burn and blow when we work it. WATER: We put…read more

Time, Tarm School

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In February we have worked on the theme time in 6th grade German classes. The goal was to learn how to tell and say time in German and to read both digital and analog watches. We have practiced to tell time by playing different games both on the computer and irl. The children have learned and performed a song about a little witch who tells the time by what she is doing during the day. In each class we have made our own paper watches and practiced to tell time…read more

The weather is going crazy again

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Das Wetter, das Wetter spielt wieder mal verrückt! Man könnte verzweifeln, wenn man hinauf zum Himmel blickt. Wir hätten so gerne ein bisschen Sonnenschein! Wie kann man nur so launisch wie das Wetter sein! The weather, the weather is going crazy again! You could despair when you look up at the sky. We’d so like a little sunshine! How can you be as moody as the weather! The rocket class started working on the weather topic with a big  artwork and music project. We learned a weather song and practised…read more

Some time ago

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It is already some time ago (December 2018), when the teachers of the Erasmus-group of our school met for their very first creative staff meeting. We took the good example of the Dales School and tried out if staff meetings like this could fit to our school, too. The topic was “Weather” but we it didn’t deal with lesson preparation but with fun and creativity all around the theme. Groups of 3 or 4 teachers got the task to create a performance of one aspect of weather. They should do…read more