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How can we stop the fire?

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The students of primary school worked the fire last week. We followed the same line of work as with the air. We made a concept map with different questions: How is the fire? Who invented the fire? What can we do with the fire? Where can we find the fire? How can we stop the fire? We answered the questions and then we put in pairs and looked for different ways to stop the fire, places where we could find fire and things we could do with the fire. It…read more

The elements in the speech therapy class

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One of the programming that I use in my class is the one of the blow. For this I modify the structure of the class to be able to make a circuit in which the activities are sequenced in a linear way. I have taken advantage of the theme of the elements to integrate it into this programming, since my initial programming included air, water and fire. I just needed to add the land !!! So I work the elements: – Air: It is the main element in this programming….read more

How is the air and what can it do?

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In primary school with shared schooling, we are working on all the elements. Every week we know a new element and together we make a concept map where each one contributes their ideas. Then we do an experiment on the element worked. This week we worked on the air. In the conceptual map we described how it is the air, what causes the air (from tornadoes to energy), objects or things that make air (fan, hair dryer, mouth …) and objects or things that the air can fly (papers, feathers…read more

The traveling water

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In secondary school we are working on water. We have decided the name of our project: the traveling water. We work through experiments and it has been a fun activity. We have known the primary colors and also how new colors are created. We have seen how the water goes from one side to another side through paper. Because we liked it a lot, we wanted to share this activity with the whole school and we went to class by class to teach how water traveled.

Dinosaurs Experts

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During the topic “Time” the Dragon class (first year) has worked on a big dinosaurs project and pupils became real dinosaurs experts. Teachers decorated the whole classroom with big photos of dinosaurs. They brought books and toys  about the topic, which were available for the pupils all time. It was very exciting to put “dinosaur eggs” into water and wait for their hatching. In arts we glued dinosaurs onto landscapes and got an impression of the archaic world long long ago. We also crafted dinosaurs out of paper plates and…read more

How was the school 100 years ago?

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The students of the astronaut class worked in the science course on the topic: “How was the school 100 years ago?“. At the beginning of the course we studied old timetables from 100 years ago and compared them with ours. Furthermore we compared the school rules of that time with our school rules and found a lot of differences. We had a lot of fun doing the practical exercises with pen and ink. We have learned how to write on slate writing boards with slate pencils. We have also tried…read more

The Big Hook

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Hi everyone!  We held our ‘big planning meeting’ for the theme of ‘Challenge’ before Christmas.  Each staff team had a ‘table top challenge’ to complete then give feedback  – information is below along with photographs from the evening – great fun was had by all.  Teachers have been busy planning the challenges for their pupils, to begin after the Christmas holidays, in January.  We will provide examples of planning and challenging activities later on in the New Year.  We hope you all had a restful Christmas!